The Data Science for Social Good Center


Generate public value from data, data science, and artificial intelligence through innovative actions that aim to impact the entire ecosystem, with local, European and global perspectives, and a particular focus on driving and supporting the digital transformation of the nonprofit sector.


1. Applied Research

Scientific research on the applications of data, data science, and artificial intelligence to social impact and sustainable development. In particular, we seek to:

  • Collaborate with foundations, philanthropies, academia, non-governmental organizations, global humanitarian response and sustainable development organizations, social impact organizations, municipalities, and startups with a social mission (including Fondazione CRT’s partner network) toward advancing and disseminating the state of the art on using data to quantify and explain social conditions, forecast developments, plan interventions, and measure the impact of policies;
  • Develop case studies, tools, and “best practices” to scale the responsible application of data science to the nonprofit and philanthropic sector.

2. Data Collaboration

Design and management of “data collaboratives”, new operational and governance models of accessing and re-using data, in collaboration with organizations that hold or need data of potential public interest. In particular, we seek to:

  • Act as a neutral intermediary in the sustainable and responsible valorization of data, including private or commercial data, of interest to the mission of the nonprofit sector and philanthropy;
  • Design new initiatives to stimulate and support increased access and re-use of  data within the reference ecosystem of Fondazione CRT and its partners, also concerning the further implementation of emerging data for social good practices  proposed by the European Union and others (such as  “data altruism” mentioned in the Data Governance Act);
  • Define and share data-based indicators to measure the impact and externalities of nonprofit or social impact organizations, in relation to Sustainable Development Indicators (SDGs) and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) indicators.

3. Talents for the Social Impact of Data – People Infrastructure to accelerate Data for Social Good

Training, supervision, and networking of practitioners and researchers working on the social impact of data science and artificial intelligence. Development of new professionals dedicated to data sharing and its application in the nonprofit sector. In particular, we seek to:

  • Train and supervise researchers and students in the context of projects on the social impact of data, in collaboration with 1) nonprofit or social impact organizations, philanthropies, NGOs, social enterprises; 2) research centers on data science and artificial intelligence; 3) data providers both private and public;
  • Training and networking initiatives for new professionals of the nonprofit sector (“data stewards”) dedicated to the exchange of data, their valorization, and the use of data in the planning and evaluation of nonprofit sector interventions.